Monday, February 13, 2017

Change form translations on secondary languages (exploit)

Changing section translations in MSDYN365

So first of all, thanks to my fellow (and much more experienced) expert @rappen who pointed out that this could potentially mess up your solutions.
Also, only use this for the display name on the sections, if you change the section name it will change for the base language as well.

So we all know that translations in #MSDYN365 can be a pain unless you're using tools (a big shout-out to ). But did you know that there's a simple way to translate section and category labels? 
First off I'm not giving you any guarantees on this one, it seems like an exploit and they might change the implementation without prior warning, but if you're willing to take the (relatively small) risk you can do the following:
1) Change the language to the base language
2) Go to "settings -> solutions" and open up the solution you're working on (you are working on solutions, right?)
3) Change the language in the main tab to the language you want to translate to
4) Navigate to the form you want, and you'll see all the secondary language names. You can then edit the label, save and publish.
Now the sections on your forms will have translations for all the languages you repeat this for.

This isn't anything revolutionary, but if you're doing this as a one-off you might consider it instead of installing third party solutions or taking the chance and editing the XML.

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