Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Default view in subgrid resets to system default after edit

I just found a small bug (probably) when you edit the default view from a subgrid in a form. When you close the edit window (whether you made any changes or not), the default view resets to the system default.
To provoke this do the following steps:

  1. Open a form editor for a form with a subgrid (or just add one).
  2. Open the subgrid control, if you already use the system default then change to another one (and save)
  3. Click the edit button
  4. Close the edit view popup
  5. The default view resets to the system default
This isn't a big thing, but if you don't pay attention you're suddenly publishing a form change into production that isn't supposed to be there, and depending on your deployment routines it could be some time before you have the opportunity to fix it.

EDIT: Also realized a much larger issue. When this happens it also resets the "selected views" (if selected). That means that selected views will reset from your selected ones to ONLY the system default view (e.g. My Activities).

Also, now you know that it isn't you who did something wrong.

Tested and verified bug since at least CRM2015, still included in the current edition.

Video of the bug in action: